Free Jock Itch Cure! Save Money With These Tips.

Want some free jock itch remedies that don’t break the bank? We got you covered!

free jock itch tinea cruris remedy and cure

You’re driving at 100 miles per hour while humming to your favorite music, then suddenly just as you want to accelerate and overtake a slow van, the all familiar scenario plays out! Your crotch starts to itch! What will you do?

Alternatively, maybe you’re playing golf and just when you’re ready to lift your arms for the perfect golf swing to secure your victory the crotch war begins.

Worse, you have pestered a gorgeous girl for months. Then, as you enjoy the magic first date, disaster strikes. Just as you draw in for that kiss, the pot begins to burn. What do you do?

Don’t be embarrassed! The good thing is, you’re not alone. Jock itch is as common as dirt, only that people are shy to talk about it.

Many people admit that jock itch is such a menace, especially in a public place. In layman terms – It sucks!

First up, this article will help you to know the reasons behind the cruel burning sensation that steals your moment, so that it can be easier to fight it, right?

The most common causes of jock itch include;

  • Excessive sweating, especially in summer, during workouts or sports
  • Wearing tight clothing and staying with wet clothes for a long time
  • A weak immune system, as in people with diabetes
  • Being overweight, as it increases friction on the thighs

Now to the free jock itch solutions you’ve been waiting for.

Maybe you’ve seen commercials all over about lotions and creams that claim to be jock itch cures. You’ve probably tried so many of them, but your crotch is still burning like hell.

How about trying these chemical free, natural, and free jock itch prevention strategies?

Sugar can cause jock itch

  • Stop tinea cruris by reducing intake of sugary foods

Oh, no you have a sweet tooth! However, if it’s taking your peace day and night, then you’ve got to let it go. It’s worth the sacrifice, believe me. Foods high in sugar makes fungi grow fast! You eat, but the fungi sucks it all up and multiplies.

Replace sweets, cakes and sodas with fruits and vegetables. Also, taking too much alcohol and beer can also hasten the growth of yeast in the crotch. So, who’s getting drunk now?

Take healthy fruit smoothies instead of grabbing that beer. Starve the fungi and they will run!

  • Use alcohol.

Now that we’ve agreed that you should reduce your alcohol consumption, you can use it to get rid of the itch by rubbing it on the infected area.

It dries up the crotch and makes the fungus pack and go because they cannot survive in a dry area. Why not let them go and look for a warm and moist area elsewhere and save you the itching crotch the trouble?

Dip a cotton ball in alcohol and dab it on the affected area. You don’t even need to wipe as it will evaporate on its on. Repeat this multiple times daily to get the results.

  • Take more probiotics to stop jock itch.

Increase consumption of fermented products like yoghurt and sour porridge to increase the number of good bacteria in your system as it will fight and eliminate the fungi. Be sure to take these on a daily basis, especially if you’ve been taking antibiotics.

  • Practice good hygiene.

In order to get rid of jock itch completely, proper hygiene is also extremely important. Take a shower every day, especially after workouts. If you sweat too much, ensure to shower frequently during the day.

If you you’re a sports junkie shower immediately after the game to get rid of the sweat build up. Want to take selfies with the beauties? Take a shower first otherwise your hand may betray you by reaching out down there for a scratch.

Also, wash workout clothes immediately after sports and avoid storing them when they are wet to prevent build up of germs. You can wash underwear with bleach to destroy the germs that are trapped in them.

Also, don’t wear underwear’s for long periods, as sweat will build up. Make sure to change your undergarments every day and after every bath.

You may want to shave more frequently because keeping an “Afro” down there makes a nest for fungi to hatch and live forever!

  • Keep your crotch dry!

Fungi love a warm and moist crotch. Prolonged wetness triggers growth of fungus. You make its Christmas come early. However, if you dry the area completely, then you drive them nuts and they leave completely.

After taking a shower, dry the skin completely using a clean towel to prevent retaining moisture, which is a perfect environment for fungi to thrive.

It’s important that you don’t use the same towel on the rest of your body. Designate a special towel for your crotch to avoid spreading the infection.  If you sweat a lot, consider to use drying powders after bath.

In addition, remember never to share your towel or underwear. Sharing is caring – but the itchiness is scary! Think about that.

wear loose fitting clothing to cure jock itch

  • Wear loose fitting cotton fabrics.

Loosen up your big man and give him space to breathe. Can you stay alive, covered up in nylon paper, even for a second? I don’t think so. Now, imagine the agony you put on your big master down there when you cover it up with annoying nylon.

Wear loose fitting underwear to avoid rubbing and friction in your crotch that will cause scratching. Wear cotton underwear and avoid synthetic and nylon fabrics. Cotton absorbs the moisture and keeps the area dry. Nylon undies will make it itch more.

Here is the boxer shorts we think are best for jock itch prevention – ExOfficio Give-n-go boxer review!

Tea tree oil soap for a simple jock itch cure.

  • Avoid harsh soaps and detergents as they can aggravate jock itch.

Use mild soap and warm water when taking a bath. Avoid heavily perfumed bathing soaps, washing detergents and fabric conditioners because they may cause further irritation.

  • Lose some weight to lose the jock itch

Being overweight makes your thighs rub each other excessively and can make them itchy and inflamed. You can wear fitting shorts to reduce the friction between the thighs.

Also, obese people tend to have low immunity, which increases the risk of fungus infections. Eat less processed foods and exercise every day; take the stairs instead of the lift and walk every day to lose some weight. The link between obesity and jock itch is proven

Funny Austin Powers jock itch picture

  • Avoid scratching

Keep your hands off your crotch as scratching makes it worse. Keep your nails short to avoid getting infected.

Also, wipe private parts after visiting the toilet because if you don’t it will itch and you will be tempted to scratch.

don't scratch your jock itch it will make tinea cruris worse

There you have it, 9 free and natural jock itch cures.

Try them out and be sure to nip this menace in the bud for free and for good! How cool is that!


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