Female Jock itch – is it possible?

Is Female Jock Itch Possible?

Can a female get jock itch? They don’t even wear jockstraps!


When most people think of jock itch they think of athletic young men retiring from the Lacrose grand final with one hand in the trophy and another in their undies doing the pants dance to relieve their itch! While it may be true that Jock itch is prevalent in young men, it is also common in females too!

Whaaaaat! But they don’t even wear jockstraps!

You’re right, females have escaped having to wear Jockstraps (though they still have to wear high heels…suckers!), but you have to understand jock itch is only the colloquial term for the skin disease Tinea Cruris. This is specifically a ringworm of the groin (eww gross!). This can take the form of a rash, and is attracted to warm, dark and damp places. This rash can spread from the more common area of the groin to the inner thigh, buttocks, and even (for a female) under the breasts.


So what causes female jock itch?

Symptoms may develop if the groin and vaginal area remain moist for a long time. After a shower or exercise is typically the most common time these symptoms can develop.
Naturally, female athletes tend to be more susceptible to Tinea Cruris than their non-sport loving sisters, this is due to the fact they sweat more, wear clothing and underwear made from synthetic fabrics and can go a long time without showering (if they have more than one game of sport in a row for instance).
Female jock itch can also come about from contact with an infected person such as a crotch rot carrying boyfriend or husband.


Diagnosing Jock Itch in females.

Jock itch resembles other skin diseases such as seborrheic dermatitis or yeast infections. To make sure the jock itch condition is not confused with another form of skin disease it is important to see a doctor or gynaecologist as soon as possible. With the right diagnosis the correct product to treat the jock itch can be chosen.


Treating Female Jock Itch.

If you are in good health female jock itch may go away without any medical intervention, do note that this may take longer than if assisted by various creams, soaps and powders
For a persistent jock itch, there are many various ways to treat it, including home remedies and many successful over the counter products such as a topical antifungal cream, lotion, or powder (See our comparison table here for an educated buying decision).
It can take 2-3 weeks for the jock itch to completely go away, though even then you should still use the medication for the whole recommended period.

If your jock itch is particularly severe you may require a sequence of antibiotics, though this shouldn’t be taken lightly and should only be implemented under the strict instruction of a doctor as side effects can be harsh. For those not comfortable with antibiotics, there are a number of natural remedies for jock itch that can give you quick relief, no matter if you are a man or woman. Have a look at our top 10 natural remedies here.


Preventing Female Jock Itch

Prevention is the best form of relief! A woman with great vaginal hygiene will in most cases stop jock itch from ever occurring!
A must follow rule is to keep the groin dry at all times. This means showering and drying immediately after exercise. If you don’t, you risk turning your vaginal area into a breeding ground for tinea cruris.
Also, do not share towels, clothing or other personal items with anyone else! You’d hate to give it to your partner, so you are best to Inform them that you have jock itch and never underestimate how contagious it can be!

There you have it, women can get jock itch!

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