Sunbaking Can Help Cure Jock Itch Naturally. Seriously!

Did you know that in the right doses, sunlight can actually help to cure jock itch naturally ?

jock itch can be cured by sunbaking in the sun
Imagine this
– you’ve got that itchy sensation on your groin and you’re having to live through embarrassing moments when you’re in public and itchiness attacks to the point where you can’t help but scratch. Like the time you were at the grocery store in the cue to the cashier. Suddenly you get such itchiness that it completely overwhelms you and you can’t do anything but scratch. Just as you feel a wash of relief from rubbing your balls up against the magazine stand, an old grandma comes hobbling up behind you and WHACK, hits your back with her umbrella and accuses you of being a pervert. You try to tell her it’s just jock itch but she obviously forgot to put her hearing aid in that morning!

Don’t worry, we’ve all been there, well maybe not in that exact scenario, but others like it!

medicated cream fo skin conditions

I’m sure you’ve tried a lot of things already applying all those topical anti allergens even taking oral antihistamines; even tried the natural healing means such as tea tree oil or water and salt. You’ve tried all of those treatments yet you’re still unsuccessful eradicating that terrible embarrassing itchiness.
Well, we have another, slightly unorthodox, way to treat your skin conditions.

Have you heard that the fungi tinea cruris that the itchiness, multiplies tremendously on moist, dark, folds of your groin especially if you’re a bit heavy set. Since it thrives and multiplies on dark and moist areas why not expose that to the sun light? Yes, direct sunlight can have a wonderfully positive effect on your ailment, just make sure you do it in private, unless of course you have the body of some sort of greek god! Maybe you have a private space with a bit of sun in your backyard or on your apartment verandah? Privacy is a must as chances are you’re gonna be in the nude doing it. I’d suggest you check the height of your fences too. You don’t want neighbours to witness your genitals exposed to the sun and air. Or maybe you can put a sign beside you saying you’re under treatment need the exposure – they might feel sorry for you and chuck you a couple of bucks, though likely not! Oh, and if they are neighbours you don’t like then chances are they won’t bother you any longer, that’s for sure.

nude beach

Another option is nude beaches.
Are there any within your area? Maybe you can meet others that has the same problem and purpose as you. Then you can organize a group – the advocates of jock itch nudity! – good idea isn’t it (you do it first and tell us how you go!)?

One thing that’s for sure is that the sun’s light does help to kill bad bacteria. It is proven that sun light has beneficial effect on skin disorders especially caused by fungi/yeast. Yes you heard it right, yeast, similar to what is found in your bread. You see, this yeast thrives on your skin when it is dark and damp with sweat. If you’re diabetic and you have a sweet tooth, the fungi’s going to be very happy with the presence of sugar too!

Don’t lose hope if you’ve tried everything your doctor advised you to do.

You may have followed your doctors advice step by step, taken medications and applied different topical ointments or creams without change. Maybe you need to focus on what you can do to help this process naturally. The safest way to do that is dry the area and expose to the sun light for 15 minutes. And what better way to do that than to flaunt it. Ever heard the saying “If you have it flaunt it.” Well you do have jock itch, expose to the sun light. Bring along a friend especially those who have the same skin problem as you have. You can even compare notes and share your own remedies. Or organize a competition for such problem and get some sponsors for the prizes. Hmmmmm great idea isn’t it? You could be starting the next great movement! What would you call it though? “Go Naked and Nuke Your Nuts“?

All joking aside, direct sunlight can have a wonderful effect on your jock itch problem.

If you can find a private place to reap the suns benefits then you should definitely give it a shot. You would want to do it continually for a sustained period of time – 15 minutes a day for a week would help dramatically.

Oh and remember – wear sunscreen!

Cure jock itch with our jock itch comparison chart!

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