I have Jock Itch! Should I change my diet?

Have you ever wondered why at times you feel itchiness in areas that are concealed.

Areas such as in your groin? Upper thigh? In your armpit? In between your toes? Even your scalp especially during the summer season when the weather is so hot and damp? Are you a person who sweats a lot? Bet it makes you embarrassed to feel such itchiness especially when you’re in public? 

The truth is Jock Itch can be very embarrassing. I mean, imagine yourself in the middle of a very important meeting or job interview when you feel this itchiness in your private areas!

Don’t worry though, we’ve been there too! And we have the answers to get you and your skin in tip top condition again. In this article we’re going to be focussing on your diet, and how that impacts your jock itch!

Well, I’m sure by now you are aware of what it looks like:  circular, red, raised rash with elevated edges; changes in skin color; it is itchy, chafing or even burning sensation in the groin, and it can also be on your thigh or even in your anal area – and boy oh boy is it uhhhgly!!

Have you ever wondered what caused this sudden development in your body? 

tinea cruris can be caused by a bad diet
Well, it is a fungi called tinea cruris.  Though all of us have microscopic fungi and bacteria living in our bodies it becomes felt when there is a moisture or wetness in the folds of the groin and insides of the thighs that is not properly dried.  This fungus multiplies and thrives as it is their perfect environment, kinda like a pig in shit!
Jock itch is triggered when there is prolonged moisture and friction from the clothes with the movement of the body.  It is very common to those that are overweight as fungi thrive on skin folds that are prone to sweating.  Even for those who are not overweight yet fond of wearing too tight clothing (think less Eminem, more Russell Brand) it does contribute to jock itch. Tight clothing can cause sweating and keep the skin from drying.

Can you get that easily?  Oh yes, it is highly contagious.  It can be contacted and spread through skin-to-skin contact so be very careful who you’re with on a spontaneous intimate relationships. Give your girlfriend the heads up too, jock itch can be transferred to women (what! No way!!!). You can even get that through touching used and unwashed clothing – especially underwear with the infection. So beware, before touching anything soiled clothing and even directly touching the skin on the joints which has folds and most of all the groin area. Look closely before touching anything!

When you do have jock rot already what can you do?

Here’s some tips that can help you ease the itch and eventually cure the infection. There are several commercially prepared topical and even oral medications for it. You can also have some options on home remedies if you are too embarrassed to go for consultations.

For self care treatment antifungal creams, powders and sprays are available in the drugstore. The best tip is to wipe thoroughly and keep dry after taking a shower or bath with clean towels.  Never use same towel to wipe other parts of your body.  Change clothing daily especially underwear and choose a cotton material. Identify types of fabric that causes irritations on your affected skin.

How does diet affect jock itch? Is there are particular jock itch diet that you can follow to cure it?

Nutrition does play a MASSIVE role in the prevention and treatment of jock itch. Just like how Arnold Schwarzenegger said “Ab’s are made in the kitchen”, the same can be said for jock itch – They say you are what you eat, and if you’re filling your face with unhealthy shitty foods, you can’t blame your body for hating on you! Put simply, eating natural foods would help detoxify any toxins in your body.  So Clean up and eat right buddy!

There are a several ways that fungus can infect the human body.  In fact, fungus is not a topical problem, it can appear on your skin, like jock itch, but also on your nails or scalp. Although topical solutions can be effective as a jock itch treatment, treating the problem systemically are really important. Findings on some medical research say that oral medications can be effective, but it can create a strain on your liver because it is difficult to metabolize. However, the amazing alternative to medication is to adjust your diet.
In reality, a change in diet normally requires a larger lifestyle change. This is an important consideration to attack the infection from all angles, just like a swat team dropping into take out a target!  Here are a few tips on how to tinker with your diet and get rid of your jock itch problem. Best bit is you will become healthier and sexier as well!

Vegetables can help cure tinea crurisAn important food intake for curing skin conditions is vegetables. 

According to the US Department of Agriculture men should consume 2 ½ to 3 cups of vegetables daily and women 2 to 2 ½ cup of vegetables daily.  It does have high content of vitamins and minerals needed by the body and generally fat free, low in calories that help you to keep caloric intake within the required healthy range. More veggies will put the good stuff in your body to help it fight off the bad stuff! Think of vitamins as your internal rocket fuel!

Add yogurt to your diet to help skin conditions
Are you fond of yogurt? Well, if you have tinea cruris infection it’s time for you to love yogurt. 

It is a dairy product that contains lactobillus acidophilus which is a health bacteria that helps to reduce the any presence of yeast or bacteria forming in our body.  So remember to consume yogurt (up to 3 cups daily) because it contains high contents of helpful bacteria.

Ok, now onto the bad stuff – Foods to avoid:

Sugar can cause jock itchFirst of all avoid too much sugar in your diet as tinea crusis loves sugar and does thrive on it.

When you have too much sugar it goes out of your sweat and it keeps the fungi multiplying more. Remember you can get sugar from fruit too, so limit your fruit intake to one to two pieces a day! Anyway, you’re sweet enough!

Carbs can cause jock itchExcessive intake of carbohydrates

Too much alcohol intake and refined flour can contribute to the multiplication of fungi in the body.  So stay away from carbs to help reduce jock itch and if the itch still persists totally eliminate your intake. The paleo diet is really good for reducing jock itch!

Are you aware of some food items that are known to have anti-fungal properties? 

Researches points out some foods with anti-fungal properties.  You must love eating garlic, onions, carrots, ginger, oregano and grapefruit seed extract. Consider eating a clove of raw garlic and raw onion every day, and you will find out that it will reduce your infection – though your breath might stink!

Most of all if you’re overweight there is a need to loose weight to lessen the fold of the skin where it becomes moist during sweating.  And as much as possible avoid wearing nylon type of fabric cotton fabric is more comfortable and appropriate.

These tips are gonna help you smash your jock itch suffering.

It’s not the end of the world! There is a solution to your problem and it starts with your stomach! Try these tips and stay healthy and happy.

Here is a video worth watching, it has an interesting take on the whole “dieting and skin conditions” problem!

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