Is the best thing for jock itch baby wipes?

Are Baby Wipes the Best Thing For Jock Itch?

Baby wipes are a miracle worker with so many applications, just ask any mother! But, can they be the best thing for jock itch as well?

Tinea cruris, commonly known as jock itch, is a fungal infection that often affects the genital area, the groin, buttons and the inner thighs, or in other words, all the hard to reach, intimate bits where a dude really doesn’t want to be itching!

Unlike the name, jock itch does not only affect “jocks” or rather athletes but also women and men (yep, women can get jock itch too!). Still, it’s more common in men than women. Men tend to sweat a lot more and well, take less frequent baths than women… simply put, we’re a lot of stinkin’ cavemen at the best of times.

You might be wondering why you have
jock itch that’s not going away.

Some of the culprits that cause a badass case of crotch rot (jock itch) are excessive sweating, being overweight and having a weakened immune system. Also, tight and abrasive underwear may cause friction downstairs in the groin area. That’s why you should NEVER skimp on a good pair of underwear!) The fungi that fuels jock itch thrive on sweaty and wet skin and these environments promote their growth. More so, using the same towel on your feet and on the groin may spread the fungus if you have athletes foot – seriously, a leading cause of jock itch is athletes foot and cross contamination between the towels or creams you use on your feet and crotch – so keep focused, don’t use the same towel and wash your hands after touching your feet and crotch! That should be a given anyway gents!

Itching is the most dreadful symptom of jock itch.

Most people report that itching is frustrating, uncomfortable and depressing. The itching gets worse as you scratch, to the point where you just want to cut the bloody lot off and be done with it! The skin then becomes red, inflamed and chaffed with a burning sensation. Though jock itch is pretty common, the topic is usually hushed as people don’t openly talk about their private parts. It can be a real love life killer too. 

Now, probably you’re knocking your head off trying to get the best thing for jock itch.

Probably you have tried creams, lotions, powders, but the jock itch isn’t going away. Picture this; Usain Bolt the half god half man fastest man on earth is, in his usual casual stride, flying down the track about to take his 400th gold medal and then suddenly he stops, reaches for his balls and gives them a good old scratch… can you see that happening? Didn’t think so. It’s the same with nearly everyone who suffers jock itch, you can’t simply stop what you are doing and itch your groin – you’ve got shit to do!
You need a solution and get you jock itch free and back on your way. Well here’s one you might never have heard of before!


Did you know you can use baby wipes to keep jock itch at bay? Jock itch may be persistent and stubborn, but baby wipes can the best thing for jock itch.

So, how the hell do baby wipes cure jock itch? Aren’t baby wipes for babies? Well, they may be but these ingenious wipes can control and prevent jock itch.

How do baby wipes to cure jock itch?

Going from dry to sweaty can create absolute havoc down there. The skin gets chafed and raw. You don’t need to do the duck walk because your butt is so chaffed and the skin feels as if it has just been sandpapered…ouch! Baby wipes offer a fast clean up for the groin during the day. The wipes are often biodegradable (make sure you get the ones that are! The un-biodegradable ones can wreak their own havoc, this time on the planet!).

You can use the wipes on the affected area to cool the inflamed and burning skin and also kill fungi. These little beauties will give you a reprieve from the insane urge to constantly scratch! Check that the wipes don’t have harsh chemicals before purchasing them though, go with reputed brands. You can use Dude wipes anytime because they are 100% natural and are safe to use.

How to use baby wipes to beat jock itch in it’s tracks!

  • When you get a chance slip to the bathroom, take some wipes with you.
  • Remove the seal of the wipes package and take one piece.
  • Wipe the affected area.
  • When you remove the wipe and let the area dry before you pull up your clothes. Some people feel some tingling feeling but that only shows it’s working. Thereafter, you will feel cool and clean. Once it dries out it feels like you’ve just used powder. How cool is that?
  • You will note positive change with continued use. But, within a day or two you will see a marked difference, and you’ll be looking forward to using them! 

When can you use baby wipes for jock itch?

If you are out for too long and you tend to sweat a lot, carry these with you. Use them often within the day when you go to the bathroom during work breaks or workout breaks.

What wipes are the best thing for jock itch?

Below are baby wipes that give tremendous results with continued use. They will all work to some degree. We have sorted them into rank of least to most effective. 

Number 3.
Whice Wet Wipes Specially Designed for Men’s Body, Hands and Face. 

Whice wipes for men can cure jock itch

Whice wipes are the goods. They get the job done and are made “man” sized. Also, they are made from soft and resistant cloth. When used they leave a feeling of clean and fresh skin. They also contain Aloe Vera that soothes inflamed skin. They are made from natural ingredients and are free from alcohol and paraben. Also, they have a masculine fragrance and promote hygiene of the skin. Nevertheless, the wipes are made from cloth and are not flushable (unless of course you love spending $$$$ on plumbing bills!).


Number 2.
Goodwipes – Below the Belt Cleansing Flushable Wipes

the best thing to beat jock itch are good wipes

Good wipes are cleansing wipes designed for men. They cleanse and deodorize the whole body, including the “goods” below the belt. They are a great addition to the regular bathroom routine for an extremely clean and fresh feel after a long day.
They bash out post workout smell and kill built up bacteria. They have vitamin E, chamomile and aloe that are gentle on the skin. They sooth and relieve the discomfort of inflamed skin cause by jock itch. They are also flushable because they are made with biodegradable material. Good wipes are alcohol-free and are hypoallergenic.


Number 1.
Dude Wipes – Flushable Wipes, with Aloe Vera.


Dude wipes are the best option for jock itch. They are the top brand available on Amazon, and for good reasons. They have over 700 reviews on amazon – most of which are 5 star. Simply put – these are the goods. When it comes to wipes, there’s nothing better. Period.

  • They are flushable because they break down like tissue paper, making them a great option that conserves our environment.
  • They have aloe Vera and vitamin E which soothe itchy and inflamed skin.
  • Dude wipes are tested and approved by doctors to be hypoallergenic and can be used by people with sensitive skin.

Dude wipes have natural ingredients and are free from alcohol and paraben. They are perfect for dudes who sweat long and work for long hours. They are discreet, functional and effective to use and leave you odor free, clean and fresh.

Dude wipes will relieve itching and don’t activate more itching unlike other wipes. They are of decent shapes and are pocket sized and easy to carry anywhere.  You can use it before starting a workout or after and for quick cleanup during the day and during sports activities. Moreover they have neutral scents that don’t linger for long and dries faster than unlike other brands.

Here’s one review from a customer on Amazon that we thought was particularly funny – 

Amazon Review – 5 Stars (5 / 5) A.R. – Pretty amaze-balls –  Basically if you go to the bathroom (which every one does), and if you’re a dude and if any of the following apply:

  • Workout to an extent where you’ve at least raised your hear rate (i’d even include bowling as an “exercise” in this example)
  • You have a date in the forseeable future
  • Want to not smell like an arm pit
I’d recommend dude wipes.

So if you’ve ever been caught pants down trying to fight fair with jock itch then you can say “Not anymore!”. Use these wet wipes to get an ultimate clean that will leave your skin nurtured and refreshing. Make your best friend and you will forget how to even spell jock itch.

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