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We get 100’s of emails every week from jock itch sufferers just like yourself. We have listed here some of the most commonly asked questions that have been asked. Together with all of our powers combined we can rid your world of this villain once and for all!

How long does jock itch take to clear up with cream?

If you use over the counter medications such as creams and powders and are diligent with your application it can clear up in a matter of weeks. Usually it will take at least 3 weeks, sometimes up to 6.

If it takes any longer than 6 weeks you should see your local doctor immediately as you may need something stronger than over the counter medications or it may not be a fungal infection (which is what jock itch is).

On my penis I have a red streak that is raised. I also have small spots that look like blisters. One has broken open and is now itching really badly. Please tell me if this is jock itch!

This could most definitely be a case of the ol’ itchy crotch! What you describe are symptoms common in jock itch. The problem is that this could also be herpes or even molluscum.

Because if this, it is best you see a doctor, dermatologist or an urologist to get a clear understanding of what you are suffering.

At the bottom of my bikini line I have a rash. This rash is between my butt cheeks in the crease. I’m scared it could be shingles and I have had it for a few months now! I’ve tried jock itch creams, tropical and alcohol. It’s itching like crazy and if I scratch it, it gets worse. Also, it is bumpy and bleeds occasionally.

That sounds very much like a fungal infection even though the OTC creams didn’t work. Your best bet is to step it up to prescription meds as they are stronger and can handle the bad ass cases such as yours. In order to use them you’re going to have to take yourself off to the doctor (don’t worry though, they’ve seen it all before!)

What can I do to halt the jock itch that is irritating my scrotum area? It is super itchy and bleeds very easily when scratched! Please help!

When we talk about jock itch, we’re talking about a superficial (on the surface of your body) fungal infection that takes place on the skin. It can occur on any part of the skin that becomes moist and damp. Athletes foot is a very, very similar occurrence, although it obviously takes place on the foot. Your first step is to look at over the counter medications consisting of creams and powders (see our creams vs powders article here). Creams such as lamsil and lotrimin can do a great job. If you think it is a yeast infection use nystatin cream instead.

How long should it take to get rid of my itch? 

It can take anywhere from 3 to 6 weeks to get rid of jock itch with over the counter medicines. This is why prevention is often much better (see our article on the 5 best ways to prevent and cure jock itch here).

I have had jock itch for a few weeks, and have been using an OTC cream. How long should it take to resolve before I go to a dermatologist?

Lotrimin over the counter does not always work for jock itch anymore. Often prescription antifungal creams such as Naftin cream are needed. See a dermatologist or doctor if you do not see improvement within 2 weeks – you may need a bigger gun to take on this nasty!

Its been a few weeks and my jock itch hasn’t gone! I have been applying an OTC cream. How long should I wait for it to be fixed before I visit a dermatologist?

There are various creams and powders for jock itch, some like Lomotrin are great when applying to problem areas before the infection becomes too much of a problem whereas there are others like Naftin that work well if your crotch rot has already really taken hold. How long jock itch takes to cure really depends on what type of solution you choose, how bad your problem is and how healthy you are. As a guide, if it doesn’t clear up in 2 – 3 weeks take yourself off to the dermatologist!

Is it possible to use adapalene gel on jock itch?

Typically no as they would be very, very irritating! Kinda like the TV adbreaks in a football game (yep, that bad!).

Do I have to be a jock to get it?

Although you may think otherwise, you don’t have to be a meathead football player to get a case of the itchies, and guess what…even women get it! Crazy right! Remember jock itch is a skin condition that occurs when peeps don’t stay on top of their hygiene! Unlike many people, jock itch doesn’t discriminate. Male, female, black or white…jock rash doesn’t care!

I have just started playing football, will I get jock itch/rash from football?

The jock itch bitch is a fungal rash and should be treated with an anti fungal. In order to hone in the symptoms of this eye waveringly nasty, god forsaken condition you can thankfully also use many different over the counter formulations, these can be mega effective in driving a viking sword into the heart of your crotch rot. Have a look at our awesome comparison chart here to really know what is best for you!

How can I treat jock itch naturally? I don’t want to use the drug store stuff.

Because jock itch is considered a fungal infection you do have a really good shot of treating it without resorting to using over the counter creams and powders.

You can kill the infection naturally! Doing things like including a high quantity of garlic in your meals is a good place to start as garlic contains great anti fungal qualities. You can also apply tea tree oil – it combines anti fungal properties with cleansing elements. Apple cider vinegar, bleach (seriously!), honey and even onions can all help to cure it. Another aspect to consider is your diet. High carb and sugar diets can prolong jock itch. Instead of reaching for the loaf of bread, power your engine with some raw fruits, vegetables or nuts.

See our top 10 home remedies for jock itch here!

How to treat jock itch without prescription creams? Are there any available at the drug store?

There are a whole heap of really effective and cheap nonprescription creams and powders (see a comparison here) on the market which can be purchased over the counter at your local pharmacist/drug store which should do the trick. You’re mainly looking for a solution whose active ingredients include clotrimazole, miconazole, tolnaftate, and terbinafine.

My child absolutely hates taking medicine! What can I do to treat his itch?

Tinea Cruris occurs when warm environments on a person remain moist. This means your little dude has to keep his problem area as dry as the Sahara desert, then it is just a matter of applying a cream or powder and eating right (low carb, low sugar) and your li’l trooper should be cleared up in a matter of weeks!  The best news is he doesn’t have to take and medicine orally! A win situation for sure.

Can Lotrimin athletes foot spray be used to treat jock itch in the groin?

Yes, but baby it’s gonna burn! You’re best getting a solution that is made for the job!

Hopefully you have found the answers you were looking for here! You deserve to live in a world without fear of crotch rot, leper balls, itchy bitchy or front pocket problems.
Go forth and share the solutions you find here to make the world that little bit less itchy, one crotch at a time!

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