Does Jock Itch Smell?

Does Jock Itch Smell?

Jock itch can be a real pain, but does it smell too?

It is a terrible affliction that not only effects your health but can be a real Debbie Downer on your social life too. 

Everyone already thinks you’re weird every time you zen out and and look into the distance (not staring… but focussing intently on NOT scratching your groin) and now there is a gross smell emanating from you as well!
This might be ok when you are on a crowded bus and can pretend it’s someone else, but it’ll sure as hell stop you taking your one true love to the movies on Friday night. The thought of her cuddling up to you then suddenly breaking away once she realises that musty, yeasty smell is coming from your groin is enough to make a grown man cry. Not cool.

In answer to the question – Yes, jock itch can smell.

When jock itch symptoms take on a smell it tends to be something of a cheesy, musky odor. This is due to the yeasty properties of the fungal infection. While it is unlikely to be overbearing, it can definitely be noticeable enough to cause you considerable embarrassment.

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How do you stop jock itch from smelling?

The best way to stop jock itch from smelling is to make sure you never get it in the first place.
To do that you have to make sure you are keeping your nether regions dry, towelling off completely and quickly after each and every shower. If you sweat try to minimise the amount of time between sweating and showering off. Jock itch loves dark, warm and moist places, so try to eliminate them as much as possible.

If you want a quick fix, a bigger dose of perfume, aftershave or deoderant might do it, though your perfume might mix with the jock itch smell and become some kind of mystical scent like “Sex Panther” from Anchorman – 60% of the time, it works every time”.

Jock Itch Smell - a musky, yeasty scent!


Realistically though, the only sure way to get rid of the smell is to get rid of the problem, so see our special comparison chart for the best line of treatment for your jock itch.

The sooner you ditch the itch, the sooner you ditch the smell.

I now know why it smells, but what causes jock itch in the first place? 

A jock itch is caused by a fungi called dermatophytes which are microscopic organisms that dwell in the skin and may linger around for long periods of time if it is not properly treated and tended to. Unfortunately, jock itch is contagious and has the potential of easily spreading through human contact. The cause of jock itch varies and it usually consists of the same type of fungal organisms that are found in athlete’s foot. Therefore, it has the capability of travelling from the feet, to the groin area, to the hands. The same related fungus can spread from towels to towel racks. Therefore, you might want to think twice before you decide to hang your towel up on the gym rack during your post-workout showers.

Jock itch organisms tend to dwell in the dampest and most closed environments. Due to these circumstances, one may think that it’s better to be free and open in their style of clothing and fashion. However, this isn’t exactly necessary. As long as the individual doesn’t consistently wear wet and warm clothing, they should be in the clear for potential jock itch fungal opportunities of dwelling.

Those who are at the greatest risks of being a victim to the jock itch are men, tight underwear wearers, the obese, heavy sweaters and those who may have weakened immune systems or other types of skin conditions. Men are usually more prone to getting jock itch because of the dampness that is involved with their hair and sweating. It is important to always shower as soon as a sweating activity has ended. This deters any types of bacteria from invading and conquering the body. Those who are overweight or obese usually tend to sweat more, even in the most calmest environments. Therefore, they are more prone to being in comfort in sweaty and damp clothing for extended periods of time. This offers the fungal bacteria an opportunity to grow and multiply among the individual’s body, while making itself available for leaching onto others through contact.

Hopefully with these tips you can cure your jock itch and kill the smell! 

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