Cure Jock Itch Fast!

how to cure jock itch fast. How to cure Tinea Cruris fast.

Help me cure my jock itch fast!

When you experience any of the signs and symptoms associated with jock itch, the only thing you can think about is how to cure jock itch fast.

Whether you are considering a pre-prepared jock itch cream that you can purchase over-the-counter or you would prefer some form of home remedy, what you need is a fast jock itch cure.

When considering your choice of remedy, it is important to understand if your case of jock itch is caused by excessive moisture in the groin area or due to a fungal infection. Perhaps it is a combination of both. Treating a fungal infection typically takes longer, though relief from annoying symptoms may be felt shortly after beginning treatment.

For jock itch caused by excessive moisture, it is important to keep the affected area clean and dry. That means washing with a gentle cleanser and patting the area dry with a soft towel. To heal the groin area quickly, it is important to avoid clingy or nylon skivvies while you are waiting for the magic to happen. Wear loose-fitting cotton undergarments to avoid additional sweating and chaffing. It’s often beneficial to avoid fabric softeners in the laundry during this time, which could irritate raw and rashy skin.

To speed up healing, a fast jock itch cure involves a vinegar sponge bath to the affected area. Once a day, sponge off your groin area with 1 part of vinegar mixed with 4 parts water and allow to dry for a few moments. Blot off excess moisture with a towel if necessary. Be sure the area is completely dry before dressing or you risk creating an ongoing problem.

You may wish to use some sort of anti-fungal powder or jock itch cream to speed the process along. This is really only beneficial if your jock itch is caused by a fungal infection, though plain unscented powder can help keep the groin area dry.

Another home remedy involves the use of diluted bleach water on the affected area. You need to sit in extremely diluted water to which a small amount of bleach has been added. Whether this works or not may have to remain a mystery, as bleach and gonads do not seem to be a compatible combination, jock itch or no jock itch.

How to cure jock itch fast when it involves a fungal infection is a little more difficult.

It takes time to kill fungus in the groin area due to skin folds and possibility of moisture retention. However, washing the area twice daily with a shampoo that contains ketoconazole or selenium sulfide will help. Follow this with an application of anti-fungal cream (see our comparison chart here).

Severe cases of fungal jock itch can also benefit with the addition of anti-fungal oral prescription medications that can be prescribed by your doctor. This combination of treatments can help to cure fungal jock itch fast.

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