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Is the best thing for jock itch baby wipes?

Are Baby Wipes the Best Thing For Jock Itch?

Baby wipes are a miracle worker with so many applications, just ask any mother! But, can they be the best thing for jock itch as well?

Tinea cruris, commonly known as jock itch, is a fungal infection that often affects the genital area, the groin, buttons and the inner thighs, or in other words, all the hard to reach, intimate bits where a dude really doesn’t want to be itching!

Unlike the name, jock itch does not only affect “jocks” or rather athletes but also women and men (yep, women can get jock itch too!). Still, it’s more common in men than women. Men tend to sweat a lot more and well, take less frequent baths than women… simply put, we’re a lot of stinkin’ cavemen at the best of times.

You might be wondering why you have
jock itch that’s not going away.

Some of the culprits that cause a badass case of crotch rot (jock itch) are excessive sweating, being overweight and having a weakened immune system. Also, tight and abrasive underwear may cause friction downstairs in the groin area. That’s why you should NEVER skimp on a good pair of underwear!) The fungi that fuels jock itch thrive on sweaty and wet skin and these environments promote their growth. More so, using the same towel on your feet and on the groin may spread the fungus if you have athletes foot – seriously, a leading cause of jock itch is athletes foot and cross contamination between the towels or creams you use on your feet and crotch – so keep focused, don’t use the same towel and wash your hands after touching your feet and crotch! That should be a given anyway gents!

Itching is the most dreadful symptom of jock itch.

Most people report that itching is frustrating, uncomfortable and depressing. The itching gets worse as you scratch, to the point where you just want to cut the bloody lot off and be done with it! The skin then becomes red, inflamed and chaffed with a burning sensation. Though jock itch is pretty common, the topic is usually hushed as people don’t openly talk about their private parts. It can be a real love life killer too. 

Now, probably you’re knocking your head off trying to get the best thing for jock itch.

Probably you have tried creams, lotions, powders, but the jock itch isn’t going away. Picture this; Usain Bolt the half god half man fastest man on earth is, in his usual casual stride, flying down the track about to take his 400th gold medal and then suddenly he stops, reaches for his balls and gives them a good old scratch… can you see that happening? Didn’t think so. It’s the same with nearly everyone who suffers jock itch, you can’t simply stop what you are doing and itch your groin – you’ve got shit to do!
You need a solution and get you jock itch free and back on your way. Well here’s one you might never have heard of before!


Did you know you can use baby wipes to keep jock itch at bay? Jock itch may be persistent and stubborn, but baby wipes can the best thing for jock itch.

So, how the hell do baby wipes cure jock itch? Aren’t baby wipes for babies? Well, they may be but these ingenious wipes can control and prevent jock itch.

How do baby wipes to cure jock itch?

Going from dry to sweaty can create absolute havoc down there. The skin gets chafed and raw. You don’t need to do the duck walk because your butt is so chaffed and the skin feels as if it has just been sandpapered…ouch! Baby wipes offer a fast clean up for the groin during the day. The wipes are often biodegradable (make sure you get the ones that are! The un-biodegradable ones can wreak their own havoc, this time on the planet!).

You can use the wipes on the affected area to cool the inflamed and burning skin and also kill fungi. These little beauties will give you a reprieve from the insane urge to constantly scratch! Check that the wipes don’t have harsh chemicals before purchasing them though, go with reputed brands. You can use Dude wipes anytime because they are 100% natural and are safe to use.

How to use baby wipes to beat jock itch in it’s tracks!

  • When you get a chance slip to the bathroom, take some wipes with you.
  • Remove the seal of the wipes package and take one piece.
  • Wipe the affected area.
  • When you remove the wipe and let the area dry before you pull up your clothes. Some people feel some tingling feeling but that only shows it’s working. Thereafter, you will feel cool and clean. Once it dries out it feels like you’ve just used powder. How cool is that?
  • You will note positive change with continued use. But, within a day or two you will see a marked difference, and you’ll be looking forward to using them! 

When can you use baby wipes for jock itch?

If you are out for too long and you tend to sweat a lot, carry these with you. Use them often within the day when you go to the bathroom during work breaks or workout breaks.

What wipes are the best thing for jock itch?

Below are baby wipes that give tremendous results with continued use. They will all work to some degree. We have sorted them into rank of least to most effective. 

Number 3.
Whice Wet Wipes Specially Designed for Men’s Body, Hands and Face. 

Whice wipes for men can cure jock itch

Whice wipes are the goods. They get the job done and are made “man” sized. Also, they are made from soft and resistant cloth. When used they leave a feeling of clean and fresh skin. They also contain Aloe Vera that soothes inflamed skin. They are made from natural ingredients and are free from alcohol and paraben. Also, they have a masculine fragrance and promote hygiene of the skin. Nevertheless, the wipes are made from cloth and are not flushable (unless of course you love spending $$$$ on plumbing bills!).


Number 2.
Goodwipes – Below the Belt Cleansing Flushable Wipes

the best thing to beat jock itch are good wipes

Good wipes are cleansing wipes designed for men. They cleanse and deodorize the whole body, including the “goods” below the belt. They are a great addition to the regular bathroom routine for an extremely clean and fresh feel after a long day.
They bash out post workout smell and kill built up bacteria. They have vitamin E, chamomile and aloe that are gentle on the skin. They sooth and relieve the discomfort of inflamed skin cause by jock itch. They are also flushable because they are made with biodegradable material. Good wipes are alcohol-free and are hypoallergenic.


Number 1.
Dude Wipes – Flushable Wipes, with Aloe Vera.


Dude wipes are the best option for jock itch. They are the top brand available on Amazon, and for good reasons. They have over 700 reviews on amazon – most of which are 5 star. Simply put – these are the goods. When it comes to wipes, there’s nothing better. Period.

  • They are flushable because they break down like tissue paper, making them a great option that conserves our environment.
  • They have aloe Vera and vitamin E which soothe itchy and inflamed skin.
  • Dude wipes are tested and approved by doctors to be hypoallergenic and can be used by people with sensitive skin.

Dude wipes have natural ingredients and are free from alcohol and paraben. They are perfect for dudes who sweat long and work for long hours. They are discreet, functional and effective to use and leave you odor free, clean and fresh.

Dude wipes will relieve itching and don’t activate more itching unlike other wipes. They are of decent shapes and are pocket sized and easy to carry anywhere.  You can use it before starting a workout or after and for quick cleanup during the day and during sports activities. Moreover they have neutral scents that don’t linger for long and dries faster than unlike other brands.

Here’s one review from a customer on Amazon that we thought was particularly funny – 

Amazon Review – 5 Stars (5 / 5) A.R. – Pretty amaze-balls –  Basically if you go to the bathroom (which every one does), and if you’re a dude and if any of the following apply:

  • Workout to an extent where you’ve at least raised your hear rate (i’d even include bowling as an “exercise” in this example)
  • You have a date in the forseeable future
  • Want to not smell like an arm pit
I’d recommend dude wipes.

So if you’ve ever been caught pants down trying to fight fair with jock itch then you can say “Not anymore!”. Use these wet wipes to get an ultimate clean that will leave your skin nurtured and refreshing. Make your best friend and you will forget how to even spell jock itch.

Anti Monkey Butt Lady Powder Review

Read on for our comprehensive review of Anti Monkey Butt Lady Powder

lady monkey butt powder review for combatting female jock itch

We’ve got some news for you, it’s pretty mind-blowing so please make sure you are sitting down! Ok, here goes…you can find jock itch on women! Yep, that’s right, we said it! Women, ladies, girls, females can and do get jock itch!

With that in mind we have decided to review what is effectively a powder aimed specifically at women…in fact Lady Anti Monkey Butt Powder is specifically formulated for women. It has been developed to work wonders on any areas that rub or are susceptible to moisture. They reckon it goes on satin smooth and can help you control your chafing, skin irritations and female jock itch.

Michelle Obama has itchy balls

So does it live up to the hype?


  • Absorbs excess sweat, keeping you dry and comfortable for long hours.
  • It is great for itchy skin and is an effective jock itch treatment for women. Regular and consistent use can cure jock itch in women.
  • Reduces itchiness, pain and discomfort associated with chafing.
  • Leaves a cooling effect on chafed and irritated skin.
  • Has a pleasant fragrance and keeps you odor free for a long time.

Amazon review – Jen Roberts5 Stars (5 / 5) – “Will never run out of this again. It is a silky soft powder for a woman’s private place and cuts down on body odor and sweating!!!!”


  • Some people are shy to buy the powder at the stores because of its name! Well, as weird as the name sounds, the powder works. Try to use it just once and you’ll be hooked. 

General thoughts on Anti Monkey Butt Lady Powder

Anti Monkey Butt Lady is the best jock itch powder for women. It  is smoothly formulated to reduce friction between the thighs and prevent soreness, itchiness and chafing and provides protection for long hours. The powder is a cheap jock itch powder for girls who care about their bodies. It is tailor made for usage on the butt, thighs, armpits and under and between the breasts.  

So ask yourself the following – Do you get slow due to excessive sweating and discomfort as you go about the day? Anti Monkey butt powder may be the answer to your female jock itch condition. It keeps you dry and comfortable during sweaty activities such as workouts, horse riding, cycling and driving and can optimize your performance in the sporting activities.

The main ingredient in Monkey Butt Lady Powder is cornstarch and calamine!

Female jock itch powder ingredients

You know what makes this powder awesome? It contains cornstarch and calamine powder. Yes! The power couple that work together to absorb sweat and fight friction, and thus keeps irritation at bay. Cornstarch absorbs moisture to keep you dry and comfortable while Calamine relieves itching and soothes irritated skin. Moreover, cornstarch makes the powder satin smooth and light with a pleasant fragrance.
No more itchy craziness because  “Monkey butt” powder works!


Important information about Anti Monkey Butt Lady Powder

Maybe you’re wondering what is the best jock itch treatment for women between creams and powders. Well, Anti Monkey is the best jock itch powder for women. It keeps the butt dry, cool and itch free. But how do you apply without making a mess in your room? How do you ensure that you get the desired results? I’ll tell you how.

  • First, take a shower. Never use the powder over a sweaty body unless you want to stink like hell!
  • Ensure to dry yourself well before using it.
  • Put a small amount of powder on the palms of your hand and rub it on the affected area.
  • Gently rub it on the thighs and butt, then go ahead and put on your undergarments.
  • Remember, don’t use too much powder. Less is always more! Say goodbye to the jock itch menace for good!


What customers are saying about Anti Monkey Butt Lady Powder

Here’s what other customers are saying about this awesome jock itch eliminator!

Amazon review – Cunningham – 5 Stars (5 / 5) – “I laughed at the name of this product but decided to get it anyways. I LOVE it! While working outside I put some underneath my belly, along the underwear line, where I always get sweating, chaffing and redness. It kept me dry and chaff free! My tummy was still dry the next day too! This is going to be a must have whenever I am working outside or hiking!”

Amazon review – Nancy S Walk – 5 Stars (5 / 5) – “Best powder ever. Don’t know why it’s named as it is and it’s weird asking for it in a store but this stuff works. No butt rashes for me anymore! What a relief.”

Amazon review – Kindle Customer – 5 Stars (5 / 5) – “This body powder does the trick, smells nice, does not cause irritation. Keeps you smelling fresh. I would definitely recommend!”

Get Anti Monkey Butt Lady Powder today!

Gold Bond Medicated Extra Strength Body Lotion Review

Read on for our comprehensive review of Gold Bond Medicated Extra Strength Body Lotion

Review of Gold Bond Medicated Extra Strength Body Lotion cream for jock itch


Amazon review – Barbara – 5 Stars (5 / 5) – This is the only thing that stops my itchy skin… I have tried tens of creams this is it. I buy by the case for at night.

Gold Bond Pros:

  • Provides relief from itching and can get rid of jock itch. Some users have reported that consistent use of the lotion cures itching.
  • Gold Bond Body Lotion contains emollients, lipids, aloe Vera and Vitamin E that protect, moisturize, cool and soothe the skin from the burning sensation caused by chafing and itching.
  • It moisturizes the skin and keeps it hydrated without making you feel greasy.
  • Super easy to apply and absorbs into the skin very quickly.
  • It has a pleasant smell that is refreshing and is odor-free.
  • The cream be used by both men and women.

Gold Bond Cons:

  • You might feel a slight burning sensation when you apply the lotion at first, which some people find uncomfortable, but it only means that the active ingredients are at work, fighting to give your balls a break from constant itching. In no time, the burning sensation will be replaced by a cool and refreshing feeling.
  • You may not find the lotion in all stores, but then Amazon has got your back. You can order bulk purchase and get it within a very short time.

General thoughts on Gold Bond Medicated Extra Strength Body Lotion

Gold Bond Medicated Extra Strength Body Lotion has triple action effect; moisturizing, soothing and itch relief. It is excellent for relieving dry and itchy skin and stays on for a long time that you don’t need to keep re-applying. This is exactly what you need for jock itch prevention! No more super hot itching or flaking due to dryness.

Amazon ReviewMbivey – 5 Stars (5 / 5) I love this lotion. It isn’t sexy or have some huge marketing campaign…it just plain works. Of course you’ll smell a little minty (or like eucalyptus) and its refreshingly cooling. Not greasy at all and it will leave you feeling moisturized.

Moreover, it gives you a deep moisturizing feeling without leaving a greasy skin feel, unlike other lotions. Thus, the crotch remains nicely dried, but well moisturized at the same time. Ooooohh yeah!

Gold Bond Extra Medicated Body Lotion for jock itch relief

Lastly, it is natural and has no artificial dyes like collagen or gelatin peptides. Hence it causes no allergies and everyone can use it, no matter how sensitive their skin.

The Active ingredient in Gold Bond Medicated Extra Strength Body Lotion is menthol

Menthol is the active ingredient in Gold Bond lotion

Menthol is a friggin’ awesome jock itch fighter. Besides it’s amazing aroma, it actually does not irritate the skin, instead it, relieves it. It will calm any burning sensation and will leave a cooling effect on the skin. However, to get the full benefits of this product continue using the lotion until all the symptoms disappear to avoid recurrence of the symptoms.

Important information about Gold Bond Medicated Extra Strength Body Lotion

Gold bond lotion should only be used externally. Yep, that’s right…don’t swallow it! It is contraindicated for wounds, burns and animal bites. Therefore, don’t use it on irritated or broken skin because it can aggravate the conditions.


What other customers are saying

Here’s what other customers have to say about Gold Bond Medicated Extra Strength Body Lotion

Amazon Review – Magda’s dad 5 Stars (5 / 5) – This is my (our… The whole family uses it) “go-to” solution for so many skin issues. Soothing relief from dry skin itch, a mild burn, rough heels, jock itch, raw butt. Sorry, it goes everywhere and it literally travels with us to all destinations.The richness of the cream distributes the relief evenly and distinctly. I use it every day and have been for at least 15 years… Maybe 20. I could not recommend it more highly.

Amazon Review – Bob Haskins – 4 Stars (4 / 5) – Gold Bond medicated goes on nice and dry with full absorption happening very quickly. Pretty much as soon as you get done applying it your fingers are able to pick things up and keep hold of them. Nice ability to have 🙂 Nice to slather this stuff on straight out the shower and know your skin won’t be itching or flaking due to dryness. Winter in Wisconsin dries you out like nowhere else. The medicated Gold Bond has a nice menthol aroma to it, that’s not offensive by any means. The pack of three was delivered quickly at a good price. No complaints here.

Gold Bond for treating jock itch symptoms review

Amazon Review – Gina Gippi– 5 Stars (5 / 5) – This lotion is great. It has a pleasant scent, it helps itchy skin, and it moisturizes well. It does what it says it will do. What more can you ask for. This lotion tops aveeno and eucerin for itchy skin.

Amazon Review – lamchops sf – 5 Stars (5 / 5) – I’ve been using this lotion for a while and its been great. I mainly got it because it was anti itching, but after using it. I’ve found it has other qualities I quite like which are that it doesn’t leave your skin feeling oily after use and it also doesn’t have a strong smell.Only a minor complaint is that depending on where you apply it there can be a minor burning feeling. Overall, I’m very happy with this lotion and would definitely recommend it!


Get Gold Bond Medicated Extra Strength Body Lotion today!

Defense Soap Antifungal Body Wash Shower Gel Review

Read on for our comprehensive review of Defense Soap Antifungal Body Wash Shower Gel.

Defense soap review for killing jock itch dead

Suffering from a pretty heavy case of jock itch? need something for the shower/bath to help you kick the itch? Read our review of Defense Soap’s antifungal body shower wash gel. Defense Soap is a company that started out selling their soap bar (which we reckon is the best soap bar for jock itch relief) to MMA, jiu-jitsu and wrestling athletes – you know, the ones who get pretty sweaty. It was to combat the high numbers of skin infections and ailments that these fighters and atheltes endure. They are best known for their antibacterial and antifungal properties.
The shower wash gel reviewed here seems to live up to their high standards, and we are not surprised.


  • When used consistently, this product will help you get rid of your jock itch.
  • It helps control the production of sebum as well as it restores the skin’s natural protective barrier.
  • Clinically proven to contain only natural ingredients, which effectively wash away bacteria, viruses and fungus.
  • Safe to use if you have sensitive skin.
  • The main ingredients are tea tree oil and eucalyptus oil.
  • Defense Soap contains no alcohol, perfumes, triclosan, petrochemical compounds and sodium lauryl sulfate.
  • Very good for deep cleansing pores.
  • Hypo allergenic.
  • Organic.


  • Expensive.
  • It can dry the skin.
  • Hard to find it in pharmacies.
  • The bottle top can clog sometimes.

General thoughts on Defense Soap Antifungal Body Wash Shower Gel

Defense Soap Antifungal Body Wash Shower Gel is a great solution for your jock itch problem. It is a shower gel which means that it is very, very convenient to use. Simply pull it out and use it in your next shower session. It is recommended to apply a small amount to a net sponge and then wash the affected area. Leave it on the skin for a couple of minutes and then rinse it with water – voila, job done!

Other ingredients of Defense Soap Antifungal Body Wash Shower Gel except tea tree oil and eucalyptus oil are jojoba oil, aloe vera, glycerin extract and saponified oils of olive and coconut.

The main ingredients are tea tree oil and eucalyptus oil

Tea tree oil – also known as melaleuca oil is an essential oil taken from the leaves of Melaleuca alternifolia, a native plant in Australia. Tea tree essential oil has a camphoraceous odor and a color ranging from pale yellow to nearly without a color at all. Be aware that tea tree oil is toxic when taken orally, even though it is widely used in producing various cosmetic products and skin washes. Tea tree oil is an antimicrobial and antiseptic. Studies have shown that it even kills methicillin – resistant Staphylococcus aureus.

Eucalyptus oil – is an essential oil taken from the leaves of Eucalyptus, a plant native in Australia and cultivated worldwide. It has antiseptic, antibacterial, antimicrobial, as well as topical analgesic. It has also anti-inflammatory effects.

Important information about Defense Soap Antifungal Body Wash Shower Gel

defense soap shower gel ito cure skin problems

Make sure to use Defense Soap Antifungal Body Shower Gel just as prescribed by your doctor. If, you have started using it without consulting a doctor first, make sure to follow the instructions on how and when to use it.

You should apply a small amount of shower gel to a net sponge and work into a thick layer. Allow to remain some time on the skin. Do not rinse immediately. It’s best to use Defense Soap Antifungal Body Wash within a few hours after contamination.

What customers are saying about Defense Soap Shower Gel

Here’s what other costumers have to say about Defense Soap Antifungal Body Wash Shower Gel

Amazon review – Old Shop Teacher 5 Stars (5 / 5) This works great on any fungus or germ related break out. It has a pleasant smell. IT STOPS jock itch in its tracks (er in your shorts)”

Amazon review – Jill Smith 5 Stars (5 / 5) Love this product! Helps with so many different skin conditions…. Have purchased it twice and will be purchasing it again!”

Amazon review – Sara Mills 5 Stars (5 / 5) Cleared up my husband’s ringworm in less than 72 hours and prevented it from coming back! Will be purchasing again!”

Get Defense Soap Antifungal Body Wash Shower Gel today!

Can drumming cause jock itch? Banging sticks and itchy pricks

Is drumming causing your jock itch?

Drumming Causing Jock Itch and Itchy Balls

You’re having the time of your life in a major gig, opening for a band you have always looked up to. Banging away on your drums, you notice an uncomfortable, lightly-burning sensation whenever your jeans hits your balls. You fight the urge to scratch, cringing at the very thought of how satisfying it is to just scratch away on those balls!
Finally the gig ends, you walk into the dressing room; first thing you do is the classic “pinch and roll”.

“Why are my balls itchy as hell?”, you ask yourself. Is this…STD? Is this JOCK ITCH? “But I’m no jock” you say! “Only athletes get jock itch!”.

jock itch funny picture

Sounds familiar? It may not be that common among drummers, but many, many drummers do get jock itch! And most of them tend to hide it from their peers and family members, afraid of the judging looks and thoughts. However, jock itch among drummers is way, way, way more common than you would think. And this is important as being embarrassed by this will not only lower self esteem, but it also affects performance levels of some, with a few totally giving up drumming due to the irresistible and uncontrollable urge to scratch during shows.

And because we at Jock Itch Crusader care for you and your nuggets’ health, let us shed light on why those pebbles itch, why you have it, and what you can do to make it go away!

Tinea cruris, or jock itch, is a fungal infection of the groin caused by dermatophytes. Dermatophytes live off on the body’s dead skin cells and thrive in warm and moist areas of the body, which are areas where you also sweat the most. And don’t tell us that your family jewels don’t sweat!

Imagine your balls as a sort of “beach”, where these dermatophytes are the annoying and rowdy tourists that swarm during the summer for the warm and cozy environment. Only in jock itch, they have enjoyed the warm confines of your nuts so much that they decide to have a “permanent vacation”, tagging along their friends and relatives to their new haven, with their drums banging away on your plums at all times of the day.

So while most people disregard drumming as the cause of why them pebbles itch and burn so much, the truth is, drumming can cause jock itch.

The hot and humid environment causes you to sweat, which causes your balls to shed some skin, which is food for those unwanted creatures that cause jock itch.

Once in their new homes, these dermatophytes secrete substances that irritate the skin surrounding your grapes. And they ain’t called jock itch for nothing! They are bloody itchy!

Intertrigo. Close-up of an intertrigo rash and fungal infection in the lower abdominal skin folds of a male diabetic patient. The skin is red and inflamed. Intertrigo is an inflammation caused by warm, sweaty folds of skin rubbing repeatedly together. The affected area may blister and become odorous. Intertrigo is most common in the obese or elderly, and usually occurs on the thighs, armpits, breasts, folds of the abdomen, or between the fingers. Treatment includes weight reduction and keeping affected areas as clean and dry as possible. Fungal infections are common in diabetics; treatment is with anti-fungal medication.

They may also cause a reddish discoloration on your groin area, and sometimes these areas are elevated compared to the surrounding skin – it’s like them building a platform for all of to see how much of a good time they’re having chomping away on your balls.

Acute infections, or new infections, usually have a moist rash on the affected areas. Chronic infections, or those that go untreated, have a dry, scaly rash. Whether it acute or chronic, both types are still itchy as f**k.

Itchy balls and legs? Check! Reddish groin? Check! Scaly areas? Check! Well, it looks like you have jock itch! But don’t worry, medications and good hygiene go a long way in curing this infection.

The remedy for jock itch, as you will find out, is good hygiene and proper medications.

But here are some tips specifically created for drummers to banish these unwelcome tourists from the land of your future sons!

  • Keep the affected areas dry – Sweat occurs naturally, we can’t control it. We can control, however, how wet with sweat the area is. Thoroughly dry the area with a clean and dry towel. It is important that this is your OWN towel, and specifically for your balls. REMEMBER, jock itch is contagious! So having your own towels for the specifically affected areas is important.
  • You can also use deodorant powders to prevent moisture build-up and to keep the area dry. One excellent product is the Gold Bond Medicated Extra Strength Powder. Not only does this powder keep you dry, but it also has a cooling effect, which is perfect for those hot and humid nights banging away on your drums in front of hundreds!
    Gold Bond Powder review
  • Wash the area with mild soap and water – Not just any soap, but soap specifically made for infections. It is important that these soaps have antibacterial and antifungal activity, such as Defense Soap. This is one of the best over-the-counter remedies that we could suggest. What’s perfect with this soap is that it is hypoallergenic , which means it won’t cause you any allergies or irritations, and it contains natural ingredients such as eucalyptus oil, which has proven anti-fungal properties.

What is the best soap for jock itch?

  • NEVER SCRATCH! Okay, this part is HARD to do. Itchiness leads to scratching, and in the case of jock itch, more scratching leads to irritation, which will lead to I’d-do-anything-to-stop-the-itchiness prayers. Luckily, there are products that relieve itching, and the most effective and recommended is Tinactin Jock Itch Spray. It is 100% safe and effective, and is highly recommended by trainers. If itching is your biggest problem, then we highly recommend you use this.
  • Anti-fungal creams and medications – check out our comparison chart for the best anti-fungal medication for you.


Curing yourself from jock itch doesn’t mean you won’t have it again.

Recurrence is a big possibility, so you have to keep some things in mind to prevent the itch from coming back! Remember…jock itch prevention is ALWAYS better than a cure. 

Never let these bad boys ruin your nightly gig! You may have the best over-the-counter remedies, but prevention of jock itch is as important, if not more important, than curing it.  

  • As much as possible, drum in shorts. The ventilation created will prevent humidity and warmth in those sweet spots. Besides, it gives you more freedom of movement!
  • Keep your nuts clean and dry! You can use Defense Soap as your exclusive soap for ‘em nuts. And before drumming, you can use deodorants and anti-perspirants for the area.
  • Bring extra undies – This may seem like a tip for women, but if you want to be itch-free, you have to be clean. And another way of doing it is by changing your underwear after each set, if possible. You may have banged away in an air-conditioned theater, but those nuts still feel the warmth of being in a tight space. Changing your underwear prevents build-up of dead skin cells, which is the food of these itchy mofos.

5 best underwear choices for jock itch

  • Bathe before going to bed every night, drum or not, sweat or no sweat. You may be tired, but do it for your kids down there.
  • You may have heard or read somewhere that trimming your pubes is the remedy for jock itch. It may help relieve the itch, but it is not the cure for jock itch. Dermatophytes won’t care if you’re bald down there or not, as long as it’s moist, humid and there’s plenty of food, they’re good!

So remember – drumming CAN CAUSE jock itch, but it is curable!

Cycling Causing Jock Itch? How To Prevent Jock Itch When Riding A Bicycle

How To Stop Jock Itch While Cycling on a Bicycle

Jock itch, or tinea cruris, can be a nightmare for cyclists.

Being a fungal infection, the conditions created by cycling can unfortunately provide an ideal environment for jock itch to thrive. Itching, chafing and burning are all worsened by the repetitive motion of pedalling while cycling. Not to mention it can be pretty embarrassing when you have to reach down and scratch while riding in public.

funny jock itch picture about curing jock itch and itchy balls


Controlling jock itch for cyclists is best dealt with by a combination of prevention and treatment.

The Best Prevention for Jock Itch when riding a bike is…

The first line of defense against developing jock itch as a cyclist is a good preventative strategy. Fungus does best in warm and moist areas. Controlling moisture is the most important part of preventing jock itch. Moisture is essentially unavoidable while riding due to increased sweating. The best option to control this while riding is investing in a good pair of riding shorts and underwear that are sweat wicking.

sweat wicking material can help keep groin dry and less likely to develop jock itch

Bicycle shorts can be worn with or without underwear, but this is a personal preference and depends on the design of the shorts being worn. Shorts and underwear should not be made out of cotton, but instead of material specifically designed to control moisture. Cotton will absorb water and hold moisture against your skin. Additionally there are shorts available that are made with antimicrobial fabrics.

It is also important to wear socks that are designed to control sweat. Your feet are susceptible to fungal infection as well, and a case of a fungal foot infection can easily spread to your crotch. Some of the fungi responsible for athletes foot are the same fungi responsible for jock itch.

Athletes foot is similar to ringworm and jock itch

Fungus spreads by spores, and the spores from your feet can transfer to your crotch, especially while dressing. For this reason, some recommend putting socks on before underwear to avoid dragging fungus spores from your feet to your crotch.

man sitting in clean shorts to prevent tinea cruris

You should take care to change out off your riding clothes as soon as possible when finished riding. Not only is sitting around in hot and sweaty socks and underwear pretty gross, it is a great way to invite microbes to make themselves at home in your crotch and feet.

Riding shorts, socks and underwear need to be washed after every use. Not washing your clothes between rides allows the fungus you multiply in your clothes and is just asking for an infection. If you are a frequent rider, buying extra pairs of clothes might seem like a big investment but it is a good way to avoid being tempted to reuse anything before a good washing.

Wearing a fresh pair of clothes for every ride will help prevent jock itch and will keep you from smelling bad. Washing riding shorts does not have to be difficult.

Hot tip – Some riders suggest washing shorts in the sink while showering and allowing them allowing them to air dry.

Prevention also takes place while not on your bicycle. Controlling moisture in your crotch area throughout the day and good hygiene are critical to preventing a jock itch infection. After showering, be sure to dry your groin thoroughly with a clean towel. Some people even use a hair dryer to ensure complete drying. If showering in a communal area such as a gym locker room, take care to avoid contact with surfaces that have come in contact with other people.

Wear flip flops in shower to avoid skin irritations like jock itch

Bring an extra pair of flip flops to use in the shower.

If showering at home, make sure to keep your bathroom and shower clean. Removing pubic hair can also help to decrease moisture buildup but generally shaving entirely is not recommended due to increased risk of chafing. Instead, trimming is recommended.

A good over the counter antimicrobial soap such as Defense Soap is a great natural way to keep your skin in ideal condition to prevent fungal infection. Clean underwear can go a long way in preventing infection, and your partner will appreciate this too. Have a look at our top 5 recommended underwear for jock itch prevention here.

Good nutrition is paramount to keeping your immune system in gear.

Specifically probiotics can be helpful when preventing jock itch. They help maintain your normal body flora which will help keep jock itch at bay. Probiotics can be taken as a supplement or through fermented foods such as yogurt, kimchi or sauerkraut.

Itchy balls while riding a bicycle and sweating

The Best Treatment when it comes to Jock Itch and cycling is…

If, despite prevention, you have developed a jock itch infection, don’t worry. You don’t have to stop cycling. Whether it be road racing, mountain biking or the daily commute, you don’t have to let jock itch get in the way of your hobby.

The first step is to continue with the preventive techniques previously stated

Continue working to create an environment that jock itch will hate to live in. Clean, dry and cool needs to be your mantra while waging war on jock itch.

Sanitize all areas that may have come in contact with spores from jock itch, such as your shower.

If you have a fungal infection on your feet, do not dry your feet with the same towel that you dry your crotch with. All of your clothes will also need a thorough cleaning, preferably with vinegar.

The next step is to work on treating the jock itch (tinea cruris) infection directly.

There are a number of over the counter treatments available, and these generally work by utilizing some type of anti-fungal agent. These treatments will be available in either a cream, powder or spray form. (Want to know whether we think powders or sprays are better for kicking jock itches ass? Have a look at our in depth spray vs powder comparison here).

Many prefer spray to cream or powder due to the ease and cleanliness of application. One of the best over the counter remedies is Tinactin Jock Itch Spray. Application occurs twice a day to dry skin, and many report significant relief within a few days. Treatment is generally continued for a period of time even after the symptoms have cleared in order to ensure the infection is completely gone.

If over the counter treatments are not working, going to the doctor is the next step.

You may have a different type of skin infection that could require antibiotics or some other form of treatment. Sometimes jock itch can become severe and can require oral anti-fungal medications.
Recurrent jock itch may be a sign of an underlying medical condition, so get yourself to a doctor pronto!

I have jock itch and don’t know how to tell my girlfriend! Please help!

Are you wondering if your girlfriend will notice your jock itch?

Are you having problems in your groin area? Is it itching? Are you too embarrassed to talk about jock itch to your partner? Will she suspect about your fidelity and think that something else might be causing the problem down there?

If the answer is yes to the above questions you’d better tell her. You as a man should know how girls are when something is kept hidden from them. I think all men have been there (do you really want to go back?)

There is nothing to be embarrassed about. It is better to accept the problem once it is there and treat it as soon as possible. Jock itch is a mildly contagious too, so it’s better to let the cat out of the bag sooner rather than later (or risk the wrath!).

It is normal to have a certain level of discomfort when it comes to talking about problems regarding the groin area, genital area and sex in general. After all, it’t not exactly dinner time conversation (“So, honey, I have a itchy rash on my long john, please pass the peas”) – and if you find it hard to abstain from sex (pun intended), it’s probably better for you and your better half to lay off the night-time nookie until the rash is completely gone. However, keep in mind that jock itch is a very common groin rash, so you are not alone. There are plenty of men, all around the world having the same problem as you do. Understanding what a jock itch is, knowing how to recognize its signs and symptoms and knowing how to treat and prevent future jock itch problems is a must.

What is jock itch?

“Jock itch”, also known as tinea cruris, is a fungal infection which affects the genital area, inner thighs and buttocks of a man. It can affect women too, though men have a higher risk.

A jock itch is a form of ringworm. People often assume that ringworm is a type of worm, but it is, in fact a fungal infection. This ringworm, in particular, was named as “jock itch” because it is most common among athletes and otherwise very physical people who tend to sweat a lot. Heat and moisture represents a good environment for the fungus to develop, leading to rash in the affected area.

How to recognise jock itch

A jock itch presents itself as a red rash originating from the point of infection, usually around the groin, inner thigh or buttocks. It spreads out from this point outwards affecting other regions. The area under the rash often becomes flaky or rough but not painful to the touch, although it is usually itchy, just like the name suggests. Go figure!

Wearing clothes, however, may cause pain and discomfort as the fabric rubs against the rash. Along the border, too, you may notice small blisters at the edge of the rash. Not a pretty sight, but completely normal!

Although the infection is most common among men, women can also be infected by jock itch as it affects active people, regardless of gender. Besides, it is also possible to have both jock itch and athlete’s foot at the same time.

Jock itch and sex life

If you’ve got jock itch and a hankering for some night time loving, beware – the infection is transferrable during sex even (though this doesn’t always happen). And the latex sheild of a condom cannot prevent its transmission. The only way out is to get it treated before having sex again. Abstinence is recommended at least until the rash fades, usually 10-14 days after the treatment has started.

Be honest and tell your partner about your jock itch

Jock itch is described as mildly contagious medical condition because direct contact between the infected and uninfected individuals can transfer the ringworm. Even then, the newly infected individual has to provide a similarly moist and warm environment for the ringworm to grow, which does not always happen. Nevertheless, it is advisable to avoid sexual contact when you have the infection because the groin area is usually warm and moist regardless of the level of physical activity.

Besides with direct contact, sharing the same clothing or towels can spread the infection from one person to another.

So the possibilities of your girlfriend getting jock itch are high. But as mentioned, even when the fungi is spread through direct contact while having sexual intercourse or sharing the same clothes and towels, they will need to find a perfect, moist, and warm environment for them to continue to grow and multiply. This is not always the case, even though there is a great chance that your partner will get it too.

Be honest and talk about jock itch to your partner. There’s no sure-fire way to bring it up, though maybe don;t talk about it over a romantic, candle-lit dinner. There is always a good explanation of how you have got the dreaded jock itch, so discuss what treatment you are seeking (here’s some recommendations), and before you know it, you’ll be enjoying your sexual life again!

Treatment of jock itch

A jock itch often resolves on its own even without a treatment. The signs and symptoms of jock itch also tend to come and go and in persistent cases even antifungal pills are recommended.

A doctor will usually tell a jock itch just from looking at the infected area and noting the above symptoms. Sometimes, the rash may not be very clear, though, leading the doctor to suspect to other causes. In these cases, they may take a few scrapings of the skin from the infected area and have a look under a microscope or create a culture.

You have nothing to worry about if the diagnosis comes back positive, despite being uncomfortable or even embarrassing, as jock itch is not serious. Over-the-counter antifungal ointments can take care of the infection quickly. These medications can also come in the form of powders or sprays if you prefer, and the rash should disappear within a few days. Even then, keep applying the medication for at least 10 days to make sure it’s gone, (definitely gone!).

If you also have athlete’s foot at the same time, treat them both together because they’re both caused by similar fungus and can cause recurrence. Severe jock itch can be resistant to topical ointments, in which case the doctor will prescribe stronger creams although this rarely occurs.

Avoiding the infection

It’s always better to avoid the infection in the first place, rather than having to deal with it thereafter. Observing these simple steps will keep you safe:

  • Take a shower immediately after a heavy workout. Take an extra attention to the groin area. Afterwards, make sure you dry yourself off properly with a clean towel. Do not share a towel with anyone, and if possible, avoid public showers which can be a host to fungus.
  • During workouts or games and even afterwards, avoid wearing tight underwear if you can, or just make sure to keep them clean.
  • Obese individuals are also at risk of jock itch, but proper hygiene can keep the infection away.

If you need more information about jock itch and if you need to find out how to get rid of your problem please get a look at:

9 Cheapest Cures For Jock Itch: All For $10 or Less

Wondering how to cure jock itch without spending a lot of money?  Look no further.

There are many treatments that will promise to cure jock itch, but eventually turn out to be a costly mistake. 

It can be infuriating when you have constant irritating itches in your crotch that mess up your day. But, now’s not the time to be gloomy. Whether you just got it or it has been a like a trapped fish bone in your throat for weeks, the good news is there are cheap ways to cure jock itch

Apart from home remedies such as garlic, onions and vinegar, there are effective creams, powders and soap that can help you fight jock itch. And the good news is that you will not have to break the bank or use up your sacred savings.

Are you wondering how to cure jock itch without spending a lot of money once and for all? This article will examine some of the cheapest jock itch cures that you can instantly buy on

Defense Soap Anti-fungal 4 Ounce Bar (Costs $7.49)

Defense soap review for fighting jock itch and bad skin conditions

Using Defense soap is an super effective and cheap way to cure jock itch. It contains natural essential oils such as tea tree oil and eucalyptus oils. These oils have anti-fungal, antiviral, and antibacterial properties. They are effective against a broad spectrum of microbes that cause jock itch.

So, how different is Defense Soap from other (normal) soaps? Well, I’ll tell you.

It contains natural ingredients that actually wash away bacteria, viruses and fungus.

The athletes and sportsmen who use it regularly admit that it effectively removes dirt, sweat and built up oils. Moreover, it is of high quality and has high-density lather. Thus, it lasts longer than normal soaps.

Do you sweat a lot that at the end of the day? Do you stink like hell?

It has natural deodorizing ingredients that wash away the bacteria that causes bad odor. You don’t need to buy any other deodorizer once you use it. How cool is that?

The soap also has a deep cleansing effect on the pores and a superior rinsing action that rejuvenates and restores the natural health of the skin.

Moreover, it doesn’t have fragrances, chemical compounds, allergens or alcohols that dry the skin. Thus, even people who have sensitive skins can use this jock itch beating soap.
Want to know more? See our Defense Soap Review here.


Ting Athlete’s Foot and Jock Itch Anti-Fungal Spray Liquid-4.5, oz. (Costs $6.78)

ting jock itch spray cures jock itch fast and with little effort

Sometimes the itch is so bad that you cannot sleep. When you use Ting anti-fungal spray that will be a thing of the past. It gives instant relief from itching and the burning sensation if used on the affected area. 

jock itch burning sensation in pants produced by tinea cruris

You can use it daily to prevent the recurrence of the infection. What’s more, it is clinically proven to have ingredients that cure jock itch completely!


Itchy Balls Hot Pepper Jock Spray for Itching, Irritation and Odor (Costs $8.99)

itchy balls jock spray will stop tinea cruris and other skin problems in their tracks

The Itchy Balls spray has highly active and natural ingredients, such as hot pepper and extracts of green tea, that cure jock itch. Fire beats fire, right?

Just as its name says, it is effective against itching, skin irritation, sweat and bad odor. It reduces moisture on the thighs and crotch, making it dry to prevent the growth of fungi.

Also, it has 100% natural ingredients and can be used every day without causing harm to the skin. Furthermore, when used, it provides instant relief from itching and heals the irritated skin.

You don’t need to fear pepper because you will only feel the mildest of sensations as it acts. But you can be sure that it burns the bad guys that cause jock itch!


Clotrimazole Anti-Fungal Cream (Costs $7.19)

Clotrimazole antifungal cream for athletes foot ringworm and jock itch

Clotrimazole anti-fungal cream is also among the cheapest jock itch cures. Because of its anti-fungal properties, it kills fungi and prevents fungal infection. 

It also gives instant relief from the discomfort caused by constant itching. Moreover, it doesn’t have grease and leaves the area as dry as a fungi death trap.


Cortizone 10 Plus Anti-Itch Cream (Costs $6.94)

cortizone creme for dry skin rashes ecezma psoriasis and tinea cruris

Another amazing cream that is a cheap way to cure jock itch is Cortizone. It has a high level of hydrocortisone alongside moisturizers, key antioxidants and chamomile. It gives immediate relief from itching and burning on the skin. It also reduces inflammation and redness of the affected area.

Moreover, it has been clinically proven safe for sensitive skin.


Lotrimin AF Antifungal Powder Spray for Jock Itch, 4.6 Ounce (Costs $9.07)

Review of Lotrimin Jock Itch Spray

Lotrimin anti-fungal powder spray provides effective and fast relief from symptoms of jock itch. 

It contains Miconazole Nitrate, which gives comfort from itching, chafing, scaling and burning. In clinical tests, it was proven effective to cure jock itch.

Wonder why use a spray? Because it can reach the hard to reach places that creams may not reach easily.


Zeasorb Super Absorbent Antifungal Treatment Powder for Jock Itch 2.5 oz. (Costs $9.50)

Zeasorb Antifungal jock itch powder review

Zeasorb is also another cheap jock itch cure which is highly recommended by dermatologists. It contains Miconazole nitrate, which has effective anti-fungal properties.

It reduces moisture in the area and makes it a dry and no go zone for fungi. Zeasorb soothes the affected area and provides immediate relief to red, itchy and burning skin. 


Generic Clotrimazole Antifungal Cream (Costs 3.25)

Clotrimazole Antifungal Cream Review for curing jock itch

Clotrimazole is also another effective cure for jock itch because of its antifungal properties. When used on the affected area, it relieves itching, burning, cracking, scaling and discomfort.


Tinactin Antifungal Jock Itch Cream, .5-Ounce Tube (Costs $8.49)

Tinactin Review for Jock Itch Sufferers

Tinactin is also among the cheapest cures for jock itch. Due to its antifungal properties it is effective against itching, chaffing and burning. It is among the most recommended brands by certified athletic trainers.

There you have it; nine super effective and cheap ways to cure jock itch.  

These products are made from natural ingredients and you can use them in the convenience of your home for less than $10.

Since they are small and portable, you can carry and use after your workout in the gym or after sports. Ensure that you take a bath every day and dry yourself completely before you use these products. For effective results, shower at least twice a day.

If you use these products and follow the self-care regimen, you will notice a huge difference. The jock itch will reduce tremendously and your pocket won’t be (too) much lighter.

With the 9 ways to cure jock itch above you can get back to your life, inluding that date you had planned with the cute girl but have been postponing out of fear of embarrassment. Just don’t forget the flowers!


10 Common Skin Irritations – Which One Do You Have?

Not sure if you are suffering from jock itch or something more sinister? Read on for a look at the 10 most common skin irritations.

do i have a jock itch skin condition?

Did you know that the skin is the largest organ in the human body? It has a total surface of about 2 square yards. It is an organ that separates the inside part of the body from the outside world. Skin also protects the human body from different bacteria, viruses, and fungi, but also regulates the body temperature. That’s cool huh? And worth protecting!

Different medical conditions and irritants can cause all kinds of various and unfriendly skin irritations including jock itch. There are a lot of different skin conditions, but chances are that you are suffering from one of the ones listed below. These are the 10 most common skin problems that affect both men and women:


Impetigo skin condition – What is impetigo?

skin condition inpetigo causes itchiness and redness

Impetigo is a highly contagious skin infection that usually occurs in infants and children (but can actually still occur on the skin of adults as well, though this is definitely less common!).

It is characterised by red sores located on the face around the nose and the mouth, which can totally be a potential date killer – think acne on steroids! Impetigo can also appear on the hands and feet. The sores burst with time and then serious crusts develop.

Treatment of impetigo typically means using antibiotic drugs in order to treat this skin infection. Children affected with impetigo should most definitely stay at home for a couple of days in order to prevent the spread of this infection to other children and adults. If you have Impetigo, there is good news! Impetigo is actually no longer contagious once the antibiotic treatment is started. This usually kicks in after the first 24 hours of the antibiotic treatment being started.


Intertrigo skin condition – What is Intertrigo?

Intertrigo. Close-up of an intertrigo rash and fungal infection in the lower abdominal skin folds of a male diabetic patient. The skin is red and inflamed. Intertrigo is an inflammation caused by warm, sweaty folds of skin rubbing repeatedly together. The affected area may blister and become odorous. Intertrigo is most common in the obese or elderly, and usually occurs on the thighs, armpits, breasts, folds of the abdomen, or between the fingers. Treatment includes weight reduction and keeping affected areas as clean and dry as possible. Fungal infections are common in diabetics; treatment is with anti-fungal medication.

Intertrigo is a nasty skin condition caused from friction.

Typically this friction is of the skin – to – skin kind. Intertrigo is usually located in warm and moist areas of the body, such as in the skin folds, on the inner thighs, under armpits, in the groin area, under the breasts, etc. (in this respect intertrigo is very similar to jock itch!).

In the affected areas the skin is more sensitive and sometimes even painful. In severe cases, it can result in oozing sores and cracked skin. Sometimes bleeding sores also occur – not a pretty picture! Intertrigo presents a good environment for any bacterial or fungal infections of the skin, essentially it creates an environment on the skin where bacteria will be lining up around the corner to grow on.
If the affected area is maintained clean and dry as much as possible, this skin condition will typically resolve itself! However, in cases when skin infections occur, drug treatment is necessary, this can be in the form of creams and cleansers.


Psoriasis skin condition – What is Psoriasis?

psoriasis is a skin condition similar to jock itch or tinea cruris

Psoriais is a super common skin problem that affects both men and women.

This skin condition changes the normal life cycle of the skin cells making them to grow rapidly. These extra skin cells form a thick, itchy, scaly texture which looks like dry skin with red patches, sometimes psoriasis can also be very painful. It is a persistent and chronic disease characterized also by periods of a total remission.

The real cause of psoriasis is not known, but it is believed that it results from problems of the immune system. There are different types of psoriasis known, like scalp psoriasis, plaque psoriasis, nail psoriasis, guttate psoriasis, pustular psoriasis, psoriatic arthritis, erythrodermic psoriasis, inverse psoriasis, etc.

The treatment aims to stop the formation and a quick growth of the new skin cells. There is no cure for psoriasis, but with certain treatments, a significant relief of its signs and symptoms can be achieved. There is no doubt that psoriasis can be particularly nasty.

Rosacea skin condition – What is Rosacea?

Rosacea is a skin condition similar to jock itch or tinea cruris

Rosacea is a common skin condition affecting mostly adults. It affects the skin of the face which tends to get red especially on the forehead, chin, cheeks and nose. The real cause of rosacea is not known. There is no treatment for rosacea, even though sometimes antibiotics can help minimize its signs and symptoms.

Atopic dermatitis skin condition – What is Atopic Dermatitis?


Atopic Dermatitis is also known by its more common name of eczema. Eczema is a skin condition characterised by redness and itchiness of the skin. This skin condition is more common among children, but it can occur at almost any age, and in fact is still a leading skin condition in adults too.

Atopic dermatitis is a chronic skin condition that tends to get worse at certain times, followed by periods of sweet, peaceful, remission (before being plunged back into a world of dry skin and itchiness). Children having this skin condition have also problems with asthma or hay fever.

The exact cause of atopic dermatitis is not known (who would have thought the skin could be such a mystery!). However, it is believed that a mix of various factors contributes. Some of the known factors that can lead to atopic dermatitis include environmental conditions, certain types of bacteria like Staphylococcus aureus, a gene variation that affects the normal barrier function of the skin, dysfunctions of the immune system, etc.

The signs and symptoms of atopic dermatitis vary from one person to another. Characteristic signs and symptoms include: itchiness of the skin, especially at night, red patches on the skin, usually located on the feet, hands, ankles, wrists, neck, eyelids as well as in the upper chest. Sometimes even small and raised bumps on the skin may appear which tend to leak fluid and crust over if scratched.

The skin also tends to get thick, cracked and even dry. Even today, no cure has been found for atopic dermatitis. But worry not! Self care measures combined with certain types of medications can help relieve the skin rash and itchiness, as well as prevent the new outbreaks. This is one of the most common causes of skin irritation but with the right treatment can be mitigated successfully.

Contact Dermatitis skin condition – What is Contact Dermatitis?

how to stop contact dermatitis and other skin conditions such as jock itch

Contact Dermatitis is a skin condition caused by any irritating substance that touches the skin (a good example of contact dermatitis is poison ivy).

contact dermatitis can be caused by skin conditions such as poison ivy

Contact dermatitis is characterised by redness of the skin, skin bumps, blisters, crusts, and sores. Itchiness is super dooper common. Treatment usually includes washing the skin, steroid medications, anti – histaminic drugs. The most important thing is to avoid the substance that irritates the skin, as this is the actual causer of contact dermatitis (so no more rolling around in the hay ok! Yep, we ruin all the fun).

Heat rash skin condition – What is Heat Rash? 

heat rash skin condition itchy itchiness relief

Also known as miliaria (not to be confused with milaria), is a skin condition characterized by small and itchy rashes that often pop up in the warmer seasons. For this reason heat rash is actually most common during the summer months. Heat rash can affect people of any age, but it is more common among children and infants. This is due to the fact that their sweat glands are underdeveloped and therefore cannot release the sweat the body needs to release in order to cool down. Heat rash tends to resolve itself on its own, but avoiding excessive heat, humidity and wearing light and comfortable clothes can help resolve this skin condition much faster. In this way it is very similar to jock itch.

Hives skin condition – What are Hives?

hives itchy skin relief medication suffering

Hives are also known by a name that is much more difficult to pronounce and much less cute. Hives go by the name urticaria, and is a skin irritation that comes suddenly due to an allergic reaction to a certain type of food or drugs. Allergic people are more likely to have hives than people who aren’t susceptible to allergies.
However, there is likely no person in the world who has never had hives in his/her life. So don’t think for a second you are wallowing in your hives skin condition on your own, you are not! Hives tends to resolve itself on its own, but in serious cases medical assistance is necessary.

Shingles skin condition – What is shingles?

what does shingles look like? Shingles is a skin disease that causes itchiness and redness.

The disastrous shingles is a skin and neurologic disorder caused by a reactivation of varicella – zoster virus (VZV). The VZV virus is the same that causes chickenpox.

People who have once had chickenpox in their life can have shingles many years later as the virus remains dormant in the nerve tissue near the spinal cord and brain. The signs and symptoms of shingles usually occur on one side of the body, never crossing the medial line. Characteristic signs and symptoms of shingles include pain in the affected area, a burning sensation, numbness and even a tingling sensation.

The affected area has a higher sensitivity to touch. Redness and skin rash starts a few days after the pain, accompanied also by fluid – filled blisters that tend to break and crusts develop. Itchiness of the affected area is also very common as well as high fever, fatigue, headache, etc. There is no cure for shingles, but antiviral medications and symptomatic treatment tend to relieve its signs and symptoms as soon as possible, also preventing possible complications. Shingles is a very serious condition, so if you think you may have shingles you should definitely take yourself off to the doctor immediately!

Lichen Planus skin condition – What is Lichen Planus? 

what does lichen planus look like? Skin itchiness and redness, sore itching relief

It is a common skin problem, characterised by lesions or bumps on the skin. The skin lesions tend to spread over a few weeks and moths all over the body. Itchiness is common in the affected areas. This skin condition tends to resolve within 6 to 16 months.

Oh, and lets not forget the mother of all horrible, painful and embarrassment inducing skin conditions….drum roll please…. The one, the only, jock itch.

You didn’t think we had forgotten jock itch did you?

scratch balls to relieve jock itch itchiness

Jock itch, otherwise known as tinea cruris (yes jock itch and tinea cruris are the same thing!) can be a complete bummer but at least you can take comfort in the fact that you are not suffering from jock itch alone.

Did you know that as much as 7/10 men suffer jock itch symptoms at least once, it’s super common.  And whatever you do, don’t let the name fool you, you definitely don’t need to be a jock to get yourself some crotchy itch!
That being said, Tinea Cruris is common with athletes, sportspeople and anyone who sweats consistently. Jock itch is definitely more common in the male side of the species but women can get jock itch too (the underside of the boob is a common spot – what would that be called? Boob itch?).
Jock itch occurs more in people of an overweight variety as there is more skin chafing and general sweating, and man boobs (aka. Meatloaf!).

So what causes Jock itch?

Well, it can be caused by even the most simple things.

  • Sweating
  • Hot and humid weather (suddenly that holiday to Thailand ain’t looking so good!)
  • Friction. This can come from wearing tight clothes (especially wet bathing suits).

Obesity and diabetes have been proven to soften your immune system. This can increase your chances of being susceptible to the danger down under.

jock itch remedies and solutions

How do you know if you have jock itch?

Jock itch symptoms include:

  • Redness of the skin in groin, thigh and bum areas
  • A chaffing, burning and/or itching
  • Red, raised rash that is elevated from unaffected skin
  • Flaking, cracked skin that is easy to peel away.

How do I get rid of it? What is the jock itch cure?

Ahh, the million dollar question!

Do you want the good news, or the better news? Ok, good news first. The good new is that jock itch can be treated with self care, that’s right, just a lil’ bit of TLC from yourself to…yourself.

Creams, sprays and powders that you can purchase over the counter will definitely be able to help you clear up the red ball revolution going on in your pants.
Head over to our comparison table where we have put the best jock itch medications head to head for your benefit.

If natural remedies are more your go then check out “top 10 natural jock itch cures” here.

Is your jock itch worth going to the doctor for?

As a rule, you should most likely go to the doctor. It is always best to get an educated opinion from the doctor. You might find out that you have a rare strain of irritation and the medical journals want to study you and pay you millions of dollars to do so. Not likely, but you know, anything can happen.

Jock itch doesn’t usually have to be escalated to a doctor, however if you are really suffering badly then a doctor may have to prescribe you a stronger course of medications. Don’t worry though…they’ve seen it all before.

Take a look at our Jock Itch remedies here!

3 best jock itch creams to use to cure skin irritation

Free Jock Itch Cure! Save Money With These Tips.

Want some free jock itch remedies that don’t break the bank? We got you covered!

free jock itch tinea cruris remedy and cure

You’re driving at 100 miles per hour while humming to your favorite music, then suddenly just as you want to accelerate and overtake a slow van, the all familiar scenario plays out! Your crotch starts to itch! What will you do?

Alternatively, maybe you’re playing golf and just when you’re ready to lift your arms for the perfect golf swing to secure your victory the crotch war begins.

Worse, you have pestered a gorgeous girl for months. Then, as you enjoy the magic first date, disaster strikes. Just as you draw in for that kiss, the pot begins to burn. What do you do?

Don’t be embarrassed! The good thing is, you’re not alone. Jock itch is as common as dirt, only that people are shy to talk about it.

Many people admit that jock itch is such a menace, especially in a public place. In layman terms – It sucks!

First up, this article will help you to know the reasons behind the cruel burning sensation that steals your moment, so that it can be easier to fight it, right?

The most common causes of jock itch include;

  • Excessive sweating, especially in summer, during workouts or sports
  • Wearing tight clothing and staying with wet clothes for a long time
  • A weak immune system, as in people with diabetes
  • Being overweight, as it increases friction on the thighs

Now to the free jock itch solutions you’ve been waiting for.

Maybe you’ve seen commercials all over about lotions and creams that claim to be jock itch cures. You’ve probably tried so many of them, but your crotch is still burning like hell.

How about trying these chemical free, natural, and free jock itch prevention strategies?

Sugar can cause jock itch

  • Stop tinea cruris by reducing intake of sugary foods

Oh, no you have a sweet tooth! However, if it’s taking your peace day and night, then you’ve got to let it go. It’s worth the sacrifice, believe me. Foods high in sugar makes fungi grow fast! You eat, but the fungi sucks it all up and multiplies.

Replace sweets, cakes and sodas with fruits and vegetables. Also, taking too much alcohol and beer can also hasten the growth of yeast in the crotch. So, who’s getting drunk now?

Take healthy fruit smoothies instead of grabbing that beer. Starve the fungi and they will run!

  • Use alcohol.

Now that we’ve agreed that you should reduce your alcohol consumption, you can use it to get rid of the itch by rubbing it on the infected area.

It dries up the crotch and makes the fungus pack and go because they cannot survive in a dry area. Why not let them go and look for a warm and moist area elsewhere and save you the itching crotch the trouble?

Dip a cotton ball in alcohol and dab it on the affected area. You don’t even need to wipe as it will evaporate on its on. Repeat this multiple times daily to get the results.

  • Take more probiotics to stop jock itch.

Increase consumption of fermented products like yoghurt and sour porridge to increase the number of good bacteria in your system as it will fight and eliminate the fungi. Be sure to take these on a daily basis, especially if you’ve been taking antibiotics.

  • Practice good hygiene.

In order to get rid of jock itch completely, proper hygiene is also extremely important. Take a shower every day, especially after workouts. If you sweat too much, ensure to shower frequently during the day.

If you you’re a sports junkie shower immediately after the game to get rid of the sweat build up. Want to take selfies with the beauties? Take a shower first otherwise your hand may betray you by reaching out down there for a scratch.

Also, wash workout clothes immediately after sports and avoid storing them when they are wet to prevent build up of germs. You can wash underwear with bleach to destroy the germs that are trapped in them.

Also, don’t wear underwear’s for long periods, as sweat will build up. Make sure to change your undergarments every day and after every bath.

You may want to shave more frequently because keeping an “Afro” down there makes a nest for fungi to hatch and live forever!

  • Keep your crotch dry!

Fungi love a warm and moist crotch. Prolonged wetness triggers growth of fungus. You make its Christmas come early. However, if you dry the area completely, then you drive them nuts and they leave completely.

After taking a shower, dry the skin completely using a clean towel to prevent retaining moisture, which is a perfect environment for fungi to thrive.

It’s important that you don’t use the same towel on the rest of your body. Designate a special towel for your crotch to avoid spreading the infection.  If you sweat a lot, consider to use drying powders after bath.

In addition, remember never to share your towel or underwear. Sharing is caring – but the itchiness is scary! Think about that.

wear loose fitting clothing to cure jock itch

  • Wear loose fitting cotton fabrics.

Loosen up your big man and give him space to breathe. Can you stay alive, covered up in nylon paper, even for a second? I don’t think so. Now, imagine the agony you put on your big master down there when you cover it up with annoying nylon.

Wear loose fitting underwear to avoid rubbing and friction in your crotch that will cause scratching. Wear cotton underwear and avoid synthetic and nylon fabrics. Cotton absorbs the moisture and keeps the area dry. Nylon undies will make it itch more.

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Tea tree oil soap for a simple jock itch cure.

  • Avoid harsh soaps and detergents as they can aggravate jock itch.

Use mild soap and warm water when taking a bath. Avoid heavily perfumed bathing soaps, washing detergents and fabric conditioners because they may cause further irritation.

  • Lose some weight to lose the jock itch

Being overweight makes your thighs rub each other excessively and can make them itchy and inflamed. You can wear fitting shorts to reduce the friction between the thighs.

Also, obese people tend to have low immunity, which increases the risk of fungus infections. Eat less processed foods and exercise every day; take the stairs instead of the lift and walk every day to lose some weight. The link between obesity and jock itch is proven

Funny Austin Powers jock itch picture

  • Avoid scratching

Keep your hands off your crotch as scratching makes it worse. Keep your nails short to avoid getting infected.

Also, wipe private parts after visiting the toilet because if you don’t it will itch and you will be tempted to scratch.

don't scratch your jock itch it will make tinea cruris worse

There you have it, 9 free and natural jock itch cures.

Try them out and be sure to nip this menace in the bud for free and for good! How cool is that!