3 Weird But True Home Remedies For Jock Itch

3 weird but true jock itch remedies for the home

When thinking about a jock itch cure, here are some of the weirdest (yet most effective) options!

Jock itch is a fungal infection that normally affects the inner thighs, groin area, and the buttocks. Its caused by tinea crucis fungus – the same fungus that causes athletes foot and ringworms. Some of the symptoms of jock itch include a burning sensation in the affected area, redness, itching and peeling of the skin.

It’s gently contagious so it’s important not to share your personal belongings with others. Below are remedies for Jock itch that many people don’t know about. The following jock itch cures may seem odd but are highly effective to treat the problem

Using Bleach to cure Jock Itch.

bleach can be used to remedy jock itch

I know, it sounds strange but bleach is a good remedy for Jock itch. Prepare a mixture of two tablespoons of bleach and two glasses of warm water. Take a clean cotton cloth, dip it in the mixture, and apply it on the affected area. Repeat this procedure three to four times daily for several days until you get relief from the symptoms. Also, you can add a quarter cup of bleach into a bathtub full of water and soak in it. Do this daily until the symptoms disappear. Don’t forget to pat dry the area as moisture can make the condition worse

Salt baths can get great results.

Cure Jock Itch With A Salt Bath

Bathing with salt water is one of the simplest ways to solve the Jock itch problem. To cure the condition with salt water, fill the bathtub with warm water and generously add salt to it. You can use iodized salt, bath salt or Epsom salt. Soak in this solution for twenty to thirty minutes. Repeat the procedure for several days, twice each day for better results. Salt contains properties that will help the infection heal quickly as well as control fungus growth

Onions, the unlikely hero.

Onions are a great jock itch cure

This one definitely takes the cake for me!
Onion contains anti biotic, anti-fungal and anti flammatory properties that are effective against the Jock itch fungus. Onion is also a great remedy for killing the fungus that causes Jock itch and athlete’s foot. Prepare a paste of onion and apply on the area affected. Leave the paste for around half an hour before rinsing with Luke warm water. Pat the area dry with a clean cloth or use a blow drier to dry the area. You can use onion or onion juice instead of onion paste; they work similar to help cure the symptoms. In addition, make sure to add enough onion in your cooking to provide your body with microbial protection.
Though more common in men, Jock itch can affect anyone. Once the condition improves, prevent its re-occurrence by:

  • Washing your work out clothing well after each use
  • Not storing damp or wet clothing in enclosed spaces such as in a locker or closet
  • Changing your inner wear daily, or more particularly if you take part in activities that make you sweat a lot
  • If you are vulnerable to the condition, applying drying powders after taking a shower
  • Not wearing clothing that is too tight at least from the waist downwards

Jock itch is an uncomfortable condition and taking care of your hygiene will prevent future reoccurrences. Any one jock itch cure from above will deliver some positive results when trying to remedy its effects and give you peace of mind. That being said, sometimes specific creams, soaps and powders will tend to always do a faster, more targeted job.

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